Primarily a Seller's Agent, Matt Quagliano can be reached at 716-471-9266, or Matt Quagliano has been selling houses for 25 years. Most activity has taken place within the city of Buffalo, and Matt has specialized in the areas of North Buffalo, Parkside and The Delaware District. Matt's philosophy is simple, but very effective, "Utilize a Decisive, Direct and Diligent Marketing Method that will get the house sold in a COST EFFECTIVE manner. Evaluation: Matt will look at your house and draw conclusions about the value and likely reaction of buyers based on years of experience. Strategy: Matt will develop a Timeline for Selling that includes strong exposure on multiple websites, and put in place a showing strategy that will maximize the number of people to see your house within a short period of time. Almost always, multiple offers develop with quailed buyers, and the bidding begins. Analysis: Matt will evaluate and scrutinize candidates to ensure that they have the ability to perform, thereby purchasing the house with "no nonsense" and closing in a time frame desirable to all parties. The Fee Structure Matt uses is the most liberal and creative that exists. Matt only charges one side of the transaction if the buyer comes directly to him. Matt also offers many alternative, creative options that save money. Always Available for a Consultation: Reach Matt Quagliano at 716-471-9266, or email<